Along this path, there will be bumpy times. It will not always be smooth. In fact, it can be downright daunting.

There will be moments where you will want to give up. Throw in the hijab. Forget your prayers.

But like any athlete, celebrity even, or motivational speaker will tell you, it’s when you have reached your breaking point, that things really can get easier. Insha’Allah.

It may take years. Months. Seconds.

But you can’t give up.

This new way of life, surrendering to God’s will for your face, place, chase, and headspace means leaving behind the old life. For it is dead and gone. And embracing a new foothold in this upwards climb towards Him is totally worth it. I mean, we end up worshipping worry, materials, and stress otherwise, right?

Recently, I was invited to speak about my experiences as a Muslim convert, and I realize that I can’t speak of alienation if I haven’t tried (three or four times more) to connect with this community. Differently? Sure. Selectively? Of course. But in losing touch with others, my introverted self craved the isolation a little too much. We are islands that need each other for a supportive float, eeman works this way.

My challenge to you is to reach out. Don’t go through this alone. Because it is in the very pits of despair that we truly need others, even if just one hand, to help us get out of the very hole we keep digging ourselves in.

Allah knows best.


~ Chinese Hijabi via